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Face-to-Face Learning

The face-to-face teaching was offered at ICIS campus in London from 1991 till 2003. In 1999, due to the difficulties students faced in getting visa as well as the costs of living in the United Kingdom, the face-to-face programme was transferred to Damascus, Syria.

The programme spans over four academic years each consisting of 42 weeks. Minimum 80% attendance is mandatory.

Prisedent of ICIS
Dr Seyed Mohammad Ali Shahrestani
with students in Syria branch

Dr Labib Baydoon

Director of face to face studies in Syria The rational for this programme is to provide sound teaching of Islamic Law ( Sharia or Fiqh ) based on subjects taught at traditional seminaries of Najaf and Qom but in modern formats and standards. Subjects in this programme include Hadith (tradition) Derayeh (comprehension), Rejal (Authenticity of Narrators), Schools of Philosophy, Arabic literature, English, Qur'anic Sciences, History of Jurisprudence, Islamic History, History of Religions and Faiths, and Research Methodology.

In face to face studies students have to attend classes for more than 80% of the total class hours per annum.

For the rest of 20%, students are free to choose to attend the classes or refer to the course books, other resources and the references assigned for them by ICIS.

Students sit the exams at the ICIS premises on a specific dates set according to the annual exam time-table.


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