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Admission and Enrollment

We aim to make the process of your application to be as simple as possible as well efficient.
We would like you to apply online using our website to save you time, the address is
If you are  not able to apply online, you may request a paper application form by contacting the main admission office in London, the telephone numbers are:

0044 208 450 8383 Undergraduate.
0044 208 177 1889 Postgraduate.

Admission requirements

  • Fluent in Arabic. Those candidates whose first language is not Arabic are required to have a good command of Arabic, up to the University standard.
  • Candidates should have a Baccalaureate (Secondary, high school certificate) or a similar qualification which ICIS accredits. The UK standard would be to have three A-Levels of grades CCC or the equivalent. Mature students are also welcome to the course.
  • Letter of reference.
  • Four (4) photographs.
  • Completed application form.
  • Photocopy of his/her passport
  • The enrollment fees in full or an installment of these fees.


Enrollment procedure:



Student’s Documentation

The documents sent to ICIS become the property of ICIS and are necessary for our records management and auditing purposes, therefore cannot be handed back to the student in case they decide to withdraw from study.


Language of Instruction

Arabic is the teaching language at the ICIS. The student must be competent in Arabic as all lectures, tests, dissertations and researches must be done in Arabic; and English is one of the modules.


Duration of Study

Mode of study BA Level Higher Diploma
Full-time 4 years (min.)
6 years (max.)
2 years (min.)
3 years (max.)
Part-time 7 year (min.)
8 years (max.)
4 years (min.)
5 years (max.)


Term Dates: Face-to-Face Learning

Term Start End
First term 04/10/2010 24/12/2010
Second term 24/01/2011 09/05/2011



Students have to attend all classes and their absence without authorisation should not exceed 20% of the scheduled timetable.


Study withdrawal

If you choose to withdraw from your programme of study, you will need to complete a withdrawal form, which is available from the admission office.
Withdrawal form can be downloaded from our website.
If you withdraw from your programme of study within the first month of the academic year, you will be charged 25% of the tuition fees.
If you withdraw after the first month of the academic year, you will be charged for the full tuition fees.


Study Suspension

By suspension, you can put your study “on hold” or “freeze” until the next academic year.
Once your circumstances changes and you are able to rejoin your programme, you can inform the admission office to re-activate your registration.
If Student’s application for suspension has been approved, student can rejoin his programme at the start of the following academic year, or if he/she has passed, the first term modules, he can rejoin at the start of the second term.
Suspension of study may be granted for up to one year in the first application.
Suspension of study shall not prolong the maximum period allocated to complete the programme, which is 6 years.
If you choose to suspend your programme of study, you will need to complete a “suspension form” which is available from the admission office.
Suspension form can be downloaded from our website:


Study termination

Attendance is vital and compulsory. Students are required to attend all classes to:

  • Develop and progress their education.
  • Fully informed about their study programme.
  • Contribute in discussions with tutors and other students.
  • Prepare for assessments.

Student’s attendance will be monitored and recorded.

If a student has not attended his/her classroom for more than 20% of the programme hours, it will be assumed that he/she has withdrawn from the study programme and the director of the programme will report to the registrar to terminate his/her acceptance from the college and the UK boarder agency will be informed about the termination of the student due to his/her non attendance.



Students who have suspended their study, have the right to re-enrol and continue their study after submitting a re-admission fee.



Students who fulfill the graduation requirements of the four years programme will be granted a diploma equivalent to BA at the end of their study.
Students who fulfill the graduation requirements on the two years programme will be granted a higher diploma at the end of their study.
These requirements are:

  • Passing all modules required for graduation according to the study plan in the teaching programme adopted by ICIS.
  • Submitting the graduation research and passing the Viva.
  • Paying all tuition fees.