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Prospective student should suggest to the postgraduate board a certain topic for his/her research. Then, the academic board will study the topic. In case the board agrees on the topic, the student will be asked to provide a research proposal of 1000 words.
Once the proposal accepted, a supervisor will be assigned to the student who can then starts his research. At the end of the year, students should submit their dissertation with at least 35 thousand words, excluding the table of contents and appendices.

Academic Supervision

In some cases two supervisors my be assigned: one for the speciality and the other for the approach of research).
Assigning the supervisor is the responsibility of the academic council or board of ICIS.
In case the supervisor was not able to carry on his duty, the ICIS will assign a replacement.
Contact between the supervisor and the student

The student should meet the supervisor at least twice a term, in addition to contact via mail, email.

The supervisor should submit his reports after each supervision session to the administration of the ICIS. The reports should show the progress the student does concerning the research.