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Academic Supervision

  1. Assign a supervisor is the responsibility of the ICIS academic board.
  2. In some cases, two supervisors may be assigned: one for the speciality and the other for the methodology of research.
  3. In case the supervisor was not able to carry on his duty, ICIS will assign a replacement.
  4. During the first year, students may be required to undertake some formal research training.
  5. Students are required to participate in seminars to give a brief account of their research progress to staff and fellow students.


Contacts between supervisor and the student

  1. Students should meet their supervisor at least twice a term, in addition to regular contact via mail, email, etc.
  2. The supervisor will submit a report on the students research progress to the head of the postgraduate department at the end of each term.


Submission + Viva

  1. The thesis is eligible for submission according to a report submitted by the supervisor/s after completion of the required period to the board of postgraduate studies showing that the thesis is valid for Viva.
  2. The student should prepare five binded copies of his/her thesis: two for the members of the discussion committee, one for ICIS, another for the supervisor and the fifth for the student. These copies will be studied by the discussion committee and the date of discussion will be confirmed.
  3. The Viva committee includes:
  • External examiner
  • Internal examiner
  • Supervisor
  • Dean of postgraduate studies


Possible outcomes of Viva:

The result of the discussion will have the following evaluation:

  • Pass without corrections
  • Pass with minor corrections
  • Resubmission (with major corrections) and no viva or with viva.
  • Fail


The place of Viva

The Viva will be held at ICIS headquarters in London. In some exceptional cases, Viva can be held in the country where the student lives or closer country.

The postgraduate registrar coordinates with one of the available centres universities in order to finalize the matter.


Graduation Certificate

The student will be granted a certificate equivalent to MPhil or PhD after fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Passing the Viva
  2. Submitting a corrected copy of the dissertation to the postgraduate department.
  3. Paying all outstanding fees.