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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the highest academic degree. It requires extensive and extended study as well as intense intellectual effort. To earn a PhD, one must choose a research problem which lends itself to a study at PhD level, demonstrate mastery of the literature on the subject, use a rigorous methodological design, do extensive research on other similar works, and offer either new ideas or confirm existing but not fully settled ideas. The research findings should clearly contribute to the knowledge in the field, be valid, credible and reliable.
ICIS started its postgraduate programmes (MPhil transferable to PhD level) in the academic year 1995-1996.
The adopted method in postgraduate studies is the British method which depends on research and tutor’s supervision, presenting seminars and a final viva as the case is in most of the well-known universities in Britain.


Spectrum of research topics:

  • Jurisprudence and its principles.
  • Interpretation and the sciences of Hadith and Quran.
  • Logic, philosophy and contemporary Islamic thought (comparative studies with other modern and contemporary schools of thought).
  • Law and comparative Jurisprudence.
  • Arabic Language and it Arts.
  • The problems of education and psychology and sociology from an Islamic perspective (also comparison with modern theories).
  • Islamic History.
  • The Political Islamic Thought.
  • The Islamic Economy.



Our vision is to contribute to the knowledge as well as methodology of research in Islamic studies in all aspects concerning Muslims and their needs. We are proud to have produced a spectrum of well written thesis in different fields of human sciences.



The postgraduate department is meant to complete the ICIS mission in graduating highly qualified students who will be able to contribute  and research in the fields of Islamic and human sciences. The selection of topics is aimed at solving the problems of contemporary problems our societies face.
In addition, graduating with high levels of ability such as MA and PhD will qualify the students to teach in universities and work in research centres and other academic institutions.

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