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The library is one of the most important sections in I.C.I.S., because it provides the student with various references. This assists both undergraduate and postgraduate students with their research and study.

The library contains around 5,000 books on modules like: Islamic sciences, human sciences such as fiqh, Qur’an, Hadith, Beliefs, Religions, Creeds, History, Philosophy, Education, Law, Arabic language, Literature and so on.

The library also includes a vast selection of specialised academic journals. This attracts students and non ICIS members to attend the library and find information unavailable in other libraries.

Administratively, you will need to obtain an ID card from your college and then you will need to register with a member of the library staff.

Students may borrow up to 4 books for an initial period of 2 weeks. Books under no conditions should leave the library.

The library is located on the 2nd Floor of ICIS building