Prinicipal’s message (S F Milani)


Dear Future Scientists,
World is changing and we have to cope with it. We live in a global village. Everybody is in direct connection with other people. Technologies are making the world look smaller and smaller. Yet, humanity is in despair. A strong force is required to pull people together. Populists are winning the cases everywhere and extremists roam as they like.
Unfortunately, the same dilemma is felt in the scientific realm. A century has passed and we yet cannot grasp the laws of the quantum physics. Perhaps it is time to move forward and try to include what is missing in our teaching institutes: spirituality. I am sure, we as Muslims have something to say. The material world is not what we have been lectured according to Islamic sources. All materials have some sort of awareness or consciousness. The concept of time as we know it is in fact an imaginary time and not a real one. It is up to our students to equip themselves with necessary knowledge in order to have something to say and contribute our share in the knowledge used by humanity. So, get up and go for it.
S F Milani, PhD
Principal, ICIS