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Founder’s Word

One of the most important norms of measuring nations’ development and their ascending in the ranks of civilization is by measuring the efficiency of their educational system to see their extent of achieving a well qualified and well trained society. This can be achieved through education and by creation of graduating generations of highly qualified experts. It is this generation that can change the society to a better standard and accomplish the highly expected standards in civilisation. Holy Quran refers to this fact (39:9): ‘Say! Can those who know be equal to those who do not?!’. It is no wonder that this noble verse is adopted in the ICIS logo.
To achieve this noble objective, the ICIS has profoundly focused on attracting highly qualified educational staff and recruiting efficient administrators as well as implementing the most up-to- date educational approaches and programmes.
One of the outstanding qualities of the ICIS is that it has based its study programmes on a solid background of the deeply-rooted Islamic heritage (reflected in Sharia) along with the modern academic culture. Due to the fact that the ICIS has been established in the United Kingdom, the ICIS students have been able to understand Western society and the way to convey a balanced Islamic dialogue which eventually blends them in this society.
We  sincerely work and hope that we will succeed in carrying out the ICIS mission in spreading knowledge and achieving the highly expected level of advancement in civilisation.

Best wishes for all our students of success and high achievements.

Seyed Mohammed Ali Shahrestani