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Due to increasing number of the applications received from all over the world to join ICIS, which is committed to accept only a limited number of applications every year to maintain the educational and academic level, and also, the many problems that prospective students faced to come to London such as obtaining visa and high living & travel expenses, ICIS decided in 1995 to implement a programme for distance learning.

Students who are studying via distance learning are provided with full course materials such as books in addition to the subject records (Lectures on audio and video on CD or memory sticks.)






Mailing Address:
115 Dollis Hill Lane
London NW2 6HS

Undergraduate contact information:
Phone: +44 20 8450 8383
FAX: +44 20 8452 3366
Email: registrar@kolieh.com

Postgraduate contact information:
Phone: +44 20 8177 1889
FAX: +44 20 8452 3366
Email: regicis@yahoo.com