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Duration of study + Postgraduate Fees

Mode of study



Annual Fees

Full time

1 year (min.)
2 years (max.)

2 years (min.)
4 years (max.)


Part time

2 year (min.)
3 years (max.)

3 years (min.)
5 years (max.)



*Application Fees
The postgraduate department charges £100 for processing student’s application.
This fee must be included with the application or it will not be processed.
l Tuition Fees
The an annual tuition fees, cover: the cost of tuition, examination and graduation.
Tuition fees are payable at the start of the academic year.

  • Fees can be paid in instalments agreed on by both the college and the student. The student should commit to the dates of paying these instalments.
  • Student will not be allocated a supervisor if he/she has not paid the first instalment or the whole amount of tuition fees.
  • The postgraduate department has the right to cancel the student enrolment in case he/she has not paid the tuition fees.
  • Student who has not paid all tuition fees will not be allowed to sit for the viva.

* Fees Refund Policy

  • The £100 application fees are non-refundable.
  • If student withdrew from study within the first of the study period, the fees will be refunded after deducting 25% of the total amount as administration fees.


  • In case the student withdrew after one month of the commencement of the study, he will have no right to refund any of the fees he has paid.

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