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  1. The student fills out the application form and submits to the board of postgraduate studies all other required documents. The board of the postgraduate studies will submit them to the ICIS council to be agreed on. In case the student withdraws and his application is turned down, the ICIS will not return the submitted file and other documents to the student.
  • Students who intend to apply may submit applications at any time of the year. Final acceptance will be announced either on the first of October, the first of January, or the first of April. Accordingly, the beginning of the academic year is determined. The tuition fees of the following years are calculated from that date forth.

Admission Requirements

    • The student should be qualifies at least to BA degree (Good or above).
    • An approved photocopy of the academic qualifications he has in addition to the marks record (approved copy or original).
    • Two academic references from two of his previous university tutors.
    • Two passport photos.
    • A photocopy of passport.
    • paying  the application fee.

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