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Enrolment procedure :

Filling in the application form and sending it with the required documents

Acceptance of the application

Paying the tuition fees


Face-to-face learning

Posting the study materials to the student

Distance learning

Starting the study

Paying the application fee of £100


Student's documentation

The documents sent to ICIS become the property of ICIS and cannot be handed back to the student in case he/she decides to withdraw from study.

Language of instruction

The teaching language at the ICIS is Arabic and the student must be competent in Arabic because all lectures, tests, dissertations and researches must be done in Arabic. English is one of the subjects.

Study Period

The undergraduate level study is for four years. Students are granted a diploma equivalent to a BA degree after they have passed all modules and the final exam.

Term Dates

The academic year commences in the first week of October and ends in the first week of June of the following year.


Students have to attend all classes and their absence without authorisation should not exceed 20% of the scheduled times.


Suspension of Study

Students whom absence from classrooms exceed 20% of the set hours are considered in discontinuation of study.

Study Deferral

In case any student decides to withdraw or defer the study, (s)he should inform the registrar in writing. Only then, the student's registration will be annulled.


Students who have discontinued their study, have the right to re-enrol and continue their study after submitting a re-admission fee of £100.


Graduation 0069

Students who fulfil the graduation requirements will be granted a diploma equivalent to BA at the end of their study. These requirements are:

•  Passing all courses required for graduation according to the study plan in the teaching programme adopted by ICIS.

•  Submitting the graduation research and passing the Viva.

•  Paying all tuition fees.

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Undergraduate contact:
Phone: +44 20 8450 8383
Fax: +44 20 8452 3366
Email: registrar@kolieh.com

Postgraduate contact:
Phone: +44 20 8177 1889
Fax: +44 20 8452 3366
Email: regicis@yahoo.com

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